Cloud Based Online Irish
Accounting Software
for Construction Business

Reverse Charge VAT (RCV)

for Sub-Contractors


Whether you’re a Principal Contractor or a Sub-contractor, or both, our easy-to-use Invoicing has built in handling for Irish Revenue Compliance for Reverse Charge VAT (RCV).


You won’t find this feature in any other cloud software!

Reverse Charge VAT (RCV)



Whether you’re a Principal Contractor or a Sub-contractor SortMyBooks has an easy method for setting up and tracking RCT Withholding Tax and Payments.


Again we’re the only software that does this properly!

Also Included in the Software

Job Costing

SortMyBooks has a job-costing feature. You can tag every single transaction with a job and then run a Profit and Loss report that shows you how much you made and what you spent on each job and what the profit was.


This works nicely in conjunction with the Job-Costing. You record your employees hours on each job along with their cost per hour to get an accurate picture of how much you’re making on a project.

Live Bank Feed

You can connect SortMyBooks to your online banking and pull your transactions straight into SortMyBooks. This feature saves hours on re-entering the same information again.

Bookkeeper Support

We have qualified, professional bookkeepers, nationwide, to help you. SortMyBooks removes the obstacles for your bookkeeper to get your information. No more avoiding your bookkeeper’s calls because you don’t have time to gather all your receipts and bank details.

Automated Invoice and Receipt Capture

Do you want to be able to see your dining room table again?
Or how about having a clean dashboard in the van?

No more paperwork! This app allows you to capture all your invoices and receipts electronically and automatically post the details straight into SortMyBooks without you having to type in anything.

User’s Experience with SortMyBooks for Construction

We’ve caught Niall on video explaining how he uses SortMyBooks

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