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Integrating with SortMyBooks is easy

Manage various aspects of your business by integrating your accounts software with other software you use to help you run your business. Setup is easy and you can be up and running within minutes.



Dropbox is a useful online storage utility for all your data. the integration with SortMyBooks Online allows you to store copies of the original Purchase Invoices and link them to the invoice entered on your accounts meaning you are only a couple of clicks away from the original version of the invoice. You can also use it to save copies of Reports too.

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Use the Autoentry phone app to snap a pic of receipts or invoices to go straight to SortMyBooks. No more unscrunching and trying to read wrinkled or faded receipts at the month-end

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Live Bank Feeds & Imports

Take advantage of your online banking to import transaction to SortMyBooks and save yourself time mistakes entering data.
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SortMyBooks integrates with the Irish Payroll Software Cloudpay, which means every time you do your payroll run, the information gets updated to your accounts. No entering data twice!

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Connect your webshop to SortMyBooks using our easy integration, anytime someone buys something on your website, it will be posted directly into SortMyBooks.

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Get Paid Faster by adding a PayPal link to your SortMyBooks invoices for your customers to pay click to pay instantly via Paypal pr Credit Card

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Get Paid Faster by adding a Stripe link to your SortMyBooks invoices for your customers to pay click to pay on Credit Card

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