I want to let you know about a new feature we’ve added. We have been using it for our own accounts and we absolutely love it. We’re hoping it will be useful to you as well.

We’ve integrated with a product called AutoEntry. It allows you to submit your receipts and purchase invoices and have them automatically entered into SortMyBooks.

This video is a short case study showing how Donal O’Sullivan of The Cleaning Doctors benefits from the integration. It gives him more time to get your cleaning done for the Christmas!

Our own path to freedom as Anne tells it below.

Anne’s Story

Here’s the difficulties I was experiencing before I started using AutoEntry, hoping you can relate.

It was all grand in the beginning…
When we started our business almost 17 years ago now, I had a tray in the office, marked purchases, and every time an invoice came in the post, we’d put it into the tray. Everyone knew the tray was there so if they got receipts on road, they’d also just put them into the tray. We were all in the same office so this worked fine. Once a week, they’d all get entered into SortMyBooks and the paper would get filed into the VAT folder.

And then…
Fast forward to now and things have changed a lot. First of all, we’re no longer all in the same office. Our workforce is in Dublin, Florida, North London and Killarney. Most of our suppliers send invoices by email now. About 95% of invoices come electronically, either by email, or we have to log-in to their website and download their invoices.

The Problem…
What bothers me is right now everything is so disjointed. People forward their receipts to me, suppliers send their invoices to me and then some are coming in by post. So 90% of the invoices and receipts are in my inbox needing to be printed and then the remainder are sitting in the tray in the office.

The Solution!
Judging our customer base, I’d say you’re split fairly evenly into businesses who are having the same experience as us and then the other half, especially trades, and retail, who will still be receiving a high percentage of paper invoices.

AutoEntry integrated with SortMyBooks Cloud Accounting Software can improve your life no matter which camp you fall into.

  • AutoEntry has done away with printing emailed invoices because now all I have to do is click forward and email the invoices to the AutoEntry account.
  • Receipts on the road, take a photo and email them to AutoEntry.
  • Paper invoices all get bundled and put into the sheet feeder scanner. We get back 1 multi-page PDF document, which we again email to AutoEntry

The beauty for me is that I’m no longer wondering have I remembered every invoice and receipt. They’re all waiting for me in the AutoEntry account.

Our AutoEntry account is integrated with SortMyBooks Online Accounting software meaning that when I choose a Supplier in AutoEntry, that’s the exact same list as the Suppliers in SortMyBooks. The list of Categories in AutoEntry, is the exact same as the list of Nominals in SortMyBooks.

No more stressing about finding the right paperwork and even better, no more typing!

I want your freedom what do I do? watch this video