It’s Halloween that time of year
When business owners are gripped with fear

But it’s not the warlocks and witches that scare
It’s meeting our accountants there
‘Your books are a mess, Your bank recs not done’’
‘Invoicing you will be so much fun!’
We’d sooner walk through a haunted house
Than go to that meeting with Price Waterhouse
Revenue thinks that we are all crooks
Just cause we’ve not sorted our books
Debtors Creditors Payroll and VAT
Directors Expenses – what about that?
And all to be in by 12th of November
Must log all my travel – who can remember?
December 31, 2014
Is so very long ago it seems
If only I’d started in January
This situation would not be so hairy
Next year will be better I’ll log everyday
Or get a bookkeeper from the PBA
My accountant won’t give me those looks
Cause next year for sure I’ll SortMyBooks!

Make Next Halloween Less Scary !

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