Two sisters, one vision

The founders of SortMyBooks are on a journey to empower business owners to be in full financial control.

Our Story

Prior to founding SortMyBooks, Anne and Aileen worked in a busy accounting practice, taking business owners’ shoe boxes full of receipts and turning them into VAT Returns, Year End Accounts and Tax Returns.

Yet they despaired as highly skilled business owners grappled with their accountant’s jargon-laden descriptions of their business performance – and a figure they hadn’t expected to owe the tax man.

Unprepared for a tax bill, some business owners sought a loan, while others were forced to re-mortgage the family home.

Anne and Aileen quickly identified the need for real-time financial information, and armed with a vision that every business owner would know exactly where they stood financially at all times, they created SortMyBooks, a user-friendly, informative, accounting software package that provides the ultimate in empowerment for any SME.

Today, SortMyBooks is also accompanied by a robust training program and ongoing support to deliver Anne and Aileen’s vision.

It is Anne & Aileen’s experience that most SMEs would love to embrace modern technology. It is a question of showing them, and how it will impact on their most precious commodity – time! It’s the sisters’ greatest ambition to show business owners how they can gain back precious time for themselves and their families.

If you believe in Anne and Aileen’s vision, schedule a chat to find out how SortMyBooks can work for you.

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Meet the team

SortMyBooks makes smart and simple online accounting software for small and medium businesses. Our mission is to make accounting quick, easy and informative. SortMyBooks developed its first product Quick VAT in 2000 which was a VAT returns product for the Irish Market. By year 2002 the company launched a full accounting package called SortMyBooks. In 2010 we were first to market in Ireland with our state of the art cloud accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. The easy to use interface made this product an instant hit with both business owners and accountants.

Anne Hannan



“SortMyBooks is awesome because it empowers business owners with the skills and information they need to make smart, timely decisions and grow their business.”

Aileen Hannan



“It’s simple enough for people to start off with the basics like invoicing and VAT, yet advanced enough for people who really want to get stuck in and create a robust efficient, paperless system to run their business on.”

Sambit Misra



“Why do I love SortMyBooks? It’s easy to access, simple to use, easy to share, keeps data safe and secure and makes bookkeeping easier for business users, bookkeepers and accountants.”

Dan O'Donoghue



“I can create invoices anywhere, anytime with SortMyBooks online. It’s a brilliant product.”

Tom Cruz



“SortMyBooks provides business owners with the capability of producing Irish VAT returns, multi-user accounts at no extra cost, and ease of use.”

Geraldine O’Connor



“To see the transformation in our customers when using our software has been uplifting.”

Would you like to get your cash flowing and your life back?